Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Goodies for Max and Carson

Well now I'm on a roll.  Sara and I decided to make some fun goodies for the boys to send with the quilt.  We made a felt Christmas tree with lots ornaments for the boys to use to decorate the tree.  Of course, I couldn't just make simple bulb ornaments, I had to make them extra special with the boys favorite characters.  Max really likes the Ninja Turtles and Super heroes while Carson likes the Disney characters.  Then we decided to make a snowman.  Sara turned it into a Olaf snowman with lots of fun accessories.


  1. Oh, what fun! Not only fun for you and Sara to make the goodies but fun for Max and Carson. You've been SO productive. Will the boys be in Phoenix for Christmas?

  2. Thanks! It was fun to make and Meg said the boys really like it too! They won't be here for Christmas we will be kind of lonely. I am happy that Sara is here!!

  3. really are on a roll! What a cute idea. Isn't it fun making stuff for the Grands??

    1. Yes!! We have been busy this year trying to finish all the started projects!